Solutions Summit

Our two-day collaborative conference focused on addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing Transition-Age Foster Youth (TAY) population in San Diego. From it’s inception in 2015, our Solutions Summit conference brings together attendees from over 40 organizations for two days of discussion and active problem-solving surrounding challenges faced by community leaders working with this population.

The outcomes of Junior League of San Diego’s Solutions Summit are eight roadmaps and a collective way to move forward in key areas affecting the success of TAY.  Members of the Junior League of San Diego continue the important work through their committee – the TAY Outcomes Task Force – focuses solely on advancing these roadmaps, building from the momentum of active problem-solving at the Summits.  With the continued participation of Solution Summit attendees, these roadmaps will be further developed, assessed, and implemented in phases over an appropriate timeline. To learn more about this year’s Solutions Summit events and focus areas, click here!