SWX Agenda

Saturday, May 21, 2022

8:00 am | Breakfast

8:30 am | Welcome

Shauna Sliwkanich, JLSD Outgoing President

8:35 am | Ice Breaker and Introduction

Jackie Crosby, Southwest Exchange Chair

9:00 am | AJLI Introduction

Patsy Doerr, AJLI Chief Executive Officer (streaming)

9:15 am | Opening Keynote Address

Building Our Leadership Pipeline

with Moira Girard

10:05 am | Break (with coffee and snacks)

10:15 am | Facilitated Conversation

Moving Forward in the Pandemic Landscape 

with Dr. Julie Elginer

11:05 am | Break and go to Breakouts

11:15 am | Breakout

Leveraging Your League Leadership on a Larger Stage

with Dr. Julie Elginer

11:15 am | Breakout

The Empowered Citizens Guide: 10 Steps to Passing a Law That Matters To You

with Pat Libby

12:05 pm | Lunch Break

12:30 pm | Listening Lunch: Community Partners Panel

How Can Volunteer Organizations Like Junior League Better Serve Community Partner’s Needs?

Moderated by:
AJ Galka, JLSD Incoming President

Diane Cox, Founder & Development Director, Just In Time
Jen Nation, Executive Director, Olivewood Gardens
Laura Merci, Chief Executive Officer, Home Start
Stephanie De La Torre, Regional Director of Services, Hope Through Housing

1:35 pm | Break and go to Breakouts

1:45 pm | Breakout 

Reimagining Fundraising for Junior Leagues

with Carol Scott

1:45 pm | Breakout

Nonprofit Strategic Planning for Results

with Beth Branning

2:35 pm | Break

2:45 pm | Facilitated Conversation

Engaging Our Membership

with Moira Girard

3:35 pm | Break

3:45 pm | Closing Keynote Address

What’s Your WHY? The Power of Association

with Carol Scott

4:15 pm | Closing Remarks

Jackie Crosby, Southwest Exchange Chair

6:30 pm | Non-Hosted Dinner