Donors over $1,000

We extend a special thanks to the following donors for contributing $1,000 or more to the 210 Maple Restoration Campaign.*


Over $9,000
Jennifer Litwak

Over $7,000
Rosemary Trizzino-Albert

Over $6,000
Becky Coulter

Over $5,000
Joni Flaherty

Over $4,000
Ed & Mary Fletcher Foundation (special thanks to Leah Jaeger)

Over $3,000
Crystal Arnote
Pamela Bumann
Elaine Michaels
Andrea Myers
April Ralston
Rachel Thompson
Jennifer Williams

Over $2,000
Heather Albin
Christiane Frank
Lindsay Pfeffer
Kelsey Von Clem
Katie Quartuccio
Over $1,000
Kendra Dwyer
Michelle Brakke
Lisa Bresnahan
Emilie Brooks
Courtney Chandler
Lisa Cobble
Eileen Conlon
Jacqueline Crosby
Anne B. Dick
Kathleen Donahue
Kelly Donahue
Kathleen Emery
AJ Galka-Gonyeau
Amber George
Jennifer Glaser
Laura Gonzales
Natalie Hunter
Kristine Iwakoshi
Kate Jackson
Kristin Kearnaghan
Katherine Knopes
Kimberly Kochergen
Jennifer Kutzke
Carrie Lamb
Dominique Langerman
Rachelle Le Blanc
Kate Levan
Cindy Luu
Brigitte Maheu
Andrew Malk, Malk Sustainability Partners
Over $1,000, continued
Lucy McGovern
Sydne McMahon
Lisa Meyer
Katherine Murphy
Betsy Miller Vixie
CC Nall
Sharalynne Nichols
Lisa Norris
Emily Parker
Liza Pinard
Marcelle Rossman
Carolyn Russell
Lynn Shauger
San Diego Foundation
Scarano Family Foundation
Dayana Silva-James
Larissa South
Catherine Spanbauer
Mason Szuberla
Kimberly Tallian


*Updated as of Sep. 1, 2018.