21 Days to Renew You 2021

The Junior League of San Diego, in partnership with local health and wellness professionals, are proud to introduce 21 days dedicated to boosting physical, mental, and emotional wellness in service to SELF-care. We invite you to engage with us on a journey to finding strength in personal RENEWAL. Over 21 days we will offer programming to renew the body, mind, and spirit bringing them into alignment in 2021.

Week 1 – Physical Wellness

Day 1- Yoga (Live)

Day 2 – Power Yoga (Live)

Day 3 – Rich Motion Virtual Studio (Live)

Day 4 – Dance Cardio (Live)

Day 5 –Mindfulness through Movement (Live)

Day 6 – HITT Training (Live)

Day 7 – Hike

Week 2 – Mental and Emotional Wellness

Day 8 – Planning with Passion (Live)

Day 9 – Overcoming Self-doubt & Self-criticism (Live)

Day 10 – Managing Stress Through Uncertainty (Live)

Day 11 – Social Media Black Out Day

Day 12 – Improving Your Sleeping Habits (Live)

Day 13 –Parenting During the Pandemic (Live)

Day 14 – Pay it Forward

Week 3 – Improving Self-Care

Day 15 – Pillars of Burnout (Live)

Day 16 –Untamed Workshop (Live)

Day 17 – Reach Out to A Loved One

Day 18 – 2021 Ten Week Self-Check-In

Day 19 – Breathwork Workshop (Live)

Day 20 – Make-Up Tutorial

Day 21-Saturday Self-Care

Please note, most live programming will be held between 4:30 and 8:00pm PST. Individuals who upgrade their ticket to VIP will gain access to select recordings of classes and speakers for up to 30 days.

Contact Us: 21daysin21JLSD@gmail.com

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