Developing Leaders

One of the cornerstones of the Junior League of San Diego’s mission is developing effective volunteers through a variety of formal experiential training.

Our goal is to build on members’ strengths, and empower them to be more effective in their community, professional and personal endeavors.

Training: A Two-Part Approach

As part of our mission, we are dedicated to developing leadership skills. Our volunteers learn through a two-part approach; both through participation in inventive, hands-on training programs as well as a trainings with a variety of renowned and expert guest speakers.

Experiential Learning

A member’s placement on various committees is where she gains hands-on training. Whether that focus is on marketing, fund development, finance, event planning, or more, the skills developed “on the job” are transferable to other volunteer efforts, as well as members’ professional lives. Learn more about membership here.

Formal Training

Our members receive formal instruction where expert guest speakers cover a variety of topics such as non-profit board management, strategic planning, advocacy, women’s personal and professional development, project management and networking.

Our formal training programs are organized throughout the year by members of the League’s Training Committee. JLSD provides training for the general public through our Board Academy and  Mindful Leadership Symposium, both designed to educate and enlighten attendees to become stronger, more effective leaders. Please see our Public Events calendar for more details.