Celebrating Diverse Abilities: Artist Showcase on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

In a celebration of talent, inclusion, and empowerment, the Junior League of San Diego (JLSD) hosted an exclusive Artist Showcase on December 3, 2023, in honor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The event took place at our headquarters in the Bankers Hill area, San Diego, offering a dynamic display of artistic expressions featuring the talents of differently-abled artists from our local community. The event began with an exclusive invitation extended to attendees, offering a unique opportunity to witness the captivating artworks spanning various mediums. From riveting canvas art to intricate crochet, ceramics, textiles, and more, the Artist Showcase showcased the remarkable talents that often go unseen. One of the distinctive aspects of this showcase was its commitment to ensuring that each artist received 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their artwork. This not only highlights the League’s dedication to supporting the local artist community but also underscores the San Diego community’s commitment to valuing and celebrating the unique contributions of its members.

Transformative Power of art

The artists, AutistCreations, Bella Nova Ceramics, Bunny by Serena Collett, Ethan Marr Perspectives, and Kianna Beads, all showcased their unique journey and artistic perspective. It’s worth noting that all these talented artists are autistic, adding an extra layer of significance to their creations.

AutistCreations, known for their crochet work, emphasized the joy of creating things for others and the power of art as a means of sharing love.

Bella Nova Ceramics, with a focus on pottery, expressed the importance of expressive language and the joy of connecting with new people through art.

Bunny by Serena Collett, our proud rabbit mom, showcased her love for cartoons and shared her favorite piece—a drawing of her charming rabbit named Yuki.

Ethan Marr Perspectives, a triple-threat artist excelling in painting, drumming, and acting, discussed the challenges of shading in art and the satisfaction of completing a piece.

Kianna Beads, inspired by the love for jewelry and beads, shared the intricate process of tying strings and beading, taking 5 to 10 minutes for each piece.

Each artist’s unique perspective and artistic process contributed to a vibrant and diverse showcase that transcended conventional boundaries. Amidst the celebration of creativity, it’s important to recognize the crucial role of parental love and support in nurturing these artists. Behind each masterpiece lies a story of encouragement, belief, and the unwavering support of parents who have championed their children’s artistic journeys. This showcase not only celebrates the artists but also acknowledges the families whose love has played an instrumental role in the development of these extraordinary talents.

Fostering Community: Gratitude and Recognition

JLSD’s commitment to diversity and empowerment was palpable throughout the event, creating an experience that celebrated the uniqueness of each artist and fostered a sense of community. As the evening unfolded, it became clear that this Artist Showcase was more than an exhibition; it was a testament to the spirit of resilience, creativity, and the power of art to unite communities. The event was further enhanced by the generous contributions of food and drinks sponsors, Topo Chico, The French Gourmet, and O’Neil & Michael David & Delicato, providing a delightful backdrop for meaningful conversations and connections.

In closing, JLSD expressed gratitude to the artists, sponsors, and attendees for their contributions to making the event a memorable success. The Artist Showcase not only celebrated the talents of differently-abled artists but also aligned seamlessly with the League’s commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships and advocacy for inclusivity.