Corinne Devin’s JLSD Journey: Rekindling Connections

Introduction: A Chance Encounter In the summer of 2015, fate brought Corinne into a room filled with 161 Provisionals. It was an unexpected yet serendipitous encounter that would reshape her life. Little did she know, the Junior League of San Diego (JLSD) would become the cornerstone of an incredible journey, weaving through unexpected twists and turns. Discovering a New Community During her provisional year, Corinne found herself forging connections and friendships that transcended the boundaries of her military world. The League introduced her to a network of remarkable women across San Diego, opening her eyes to the city in a whole new light. Taking the Lead: Signature Fundraiser Event As the following year unfolded, Corinne eagerly embraced the challenge of leading a fundraising campaign for the Jingle Bell Bachelor Bash. Guided by her chair’s inspiration, set her sights on, and achieved, a record-breaking goal. The League year drew to a close in June 2017, and Corinne eagerly anticipated what the future held.

Unexpected Orders: A Sudden Call to Italy In mid-June, an urgent call from Corinne’s Navy specialty leader and detailer disrupted her plans. “Pack your bags; we need you in Italy in two weeks,” they urged. The sudden reassignment presented a challenge, but in true military fashion, Corinne swiftly prepared for the relocation, working tirelessly to secure a pack-out date and travel orders.

Community Support in Times of Uncertainty Amidst the whirlwind of events, Corinne vividly recalls her Junior League mentor, Mary, arriving at her Little Italy building as movers packed up her belongings. Waiting for a plane ticket to Italy and constrained by budget issues, she found herself living out of suitcases. It was during this uncertain time that her Junior League sisters provided unwavering support. Offering rooms, helping her sell her car, and driving her to the airport, Michelle and Vanessa became her lifelines. The camaraderie and friendship within the Junior League were invaluable during those chaotic days.

Gratitude and Determination Six years later, Corinne is back and more determined than ever to give back to an organization that has given her so much. Junior League San Diego has forever earned her gratitude for making members feel valued and turning the impossible into the possible. As she looks forward to her second active year, Corinne is eager to embrace opportunities to give back and support an organization that has become an integral part of her life.

Actively Contributing to JLSD’s Training Mission Now back in San Diego, Corinne has seamlessly integrated into her role within JLSD. Actively contributing to the organization’s Training mission, she brings her unique blend of military discipline and community spirit to empower others. Corinne’s journey with the Junior League has come full circle, and she is a testament to the resilience and strength fostered within the bonds of this remarkable community.