Empowering Communities: Junior League of San Diego’s Grant Awards Combat Food Insecurity with Diapers and Period Products

The Junior League of San Diego (JLSD) expresses gratitude to the Boys and Girls Foundation and Hologic, Inc. for their generous grants. This post explores the purpose of the grants, JLSD’s goals, and the profound partnership between the organizations, showcasing JLSD’s leading role in addressing diaper insecurity and period poverty in San Diego.

Grant Purpose: Breaking the Heart-wrenching Dilemma: Eliminating the Choice between Food and Hygiene Products

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, JLSD’s Community Action Council swiftly took action to address diaper insecurity and period poverty. By establishing a cutting-edge diaper bank and period pantry, JLSD aims to eliminate the heart-wrenching choice between essentials for San Diego residents. We are grateful for the unwavering commitment of the Boys and Girls Foundation and Hologic, Inc. Both organizations share our vision of creating a more equitable society and addressing the needs of vulnerable individuals. Through collaboration, we are effecting positive change and uplifting disadvantaged families, fostering a future of equal access to essential resources and opportunities for all in San Diego County.

Goals and Measures: Aiming High, Transforming Lives

JLSD expresses gratitude to the Boys and Girls Foundation and Hologic, Inc. for their vital resources. With their support, JLSD aims to distribute 50,000 diapers and 50,000 period products throughout the year, expanding their capacity and forging strategic partnerships. This ensures that individuals facing diaper insecurity and period poverty receive the necessary support, positively impacting their lives.

Impact of Grants: Transforming Lives, Creating Equality 

Valued at $5,000 each, the grants empower JLSD to revolutionize the landscape of diaper insecurity and period poverty in San Diego. With these funds, JLSD significantly expands its capacity to provide diapers and period products, ensuring access for all. The grants serve as a catalyst for change, allowing JLSD to spearhead initiatives that positively impact countless individuals and families.

Partnering for Success: Amplifying the Momentum 

Collaboration is crucial to achieving lasting change, and JLSD forges partnerships with organizations that share their vision. Carefully selected based on criteria such as local presence, impact focus, and dedication to serving women and children in need, these alliances amplify the grants’ impact within the community. JLSD is poised to create an unstoppable wave of transformation through strategic partnerships.


With substantial grants and unwavering determination from the Boys and Girls Foundation and Hologic, Inc., JLSD leads the charge in transforming lives, promoting equality, and empowering the vulnerable members of our community.