Conference Materials 2017

Topic 1: HOUSING

Identify opportunities and/or programs supporting stable housing and transitional housing for TAY.

  • How might we more effectively communicate available (and, in the case of mental health or other specific needs, appropriate) housing resources to youth in need?
  • Where can we improve training and education so that youth are better prepared for navigating the process of securing housing, including working with leasing agents and related paperwork?

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In addition to pregnancy prevention (family planning) efforts, identify what is working to educate and prepare TAY for healthy pregnancy, parenting, and self-care.

  • How can we better support youth through healthy pregnancy and preparing for parenthood?
  • Which efforts would best assist youth in breaking cycles of youth pregnancy, including developing healthy self-care habits, healthy parenting, and healthy relationship building?

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Topic 3: CSEC (Education/Prevention)

Identify programs and approaches to assist TAY in recognizing risk/red-flags of unhealthy relationships and victimization and how to recognize, form, and maintain healthy relationships.

  • How can we more effectively communicate and support youth in understanding what a healthy relationship looks like?
  • Which methods will best deliver education and risk prevention messages and resources for support to youth?

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