Supported Legislation Archive

Legislation from 2015

SB 1165 – Senators Holly Mitchell (CA-26) and Marty Block (CA-39)

This bill authorizes school districts to provide sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education within the existing sexual health education curriculum. The bill encourages school districts to collaborate with outside consultants including law enforcement with expertise in sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education in order to create school safety plans to address these issues.

SB 939 – Senator Marty Block (CA-39)

This bill authorizes the consolidation of charges of human trafficking, pimping, pandering, and properly joinable offenses that occur in multiple jurisdictions into a single trial. This consolidated trial process mirrors current law on sexual offenses and was sponsored by Deputy DA Gerald Fineman of Riverside who also spoke at the Community Impact Forum on Wednesday, October 29th.

SB 1388 – Senator Ted Lieu (CA-28)

This bill increases resources and revenues to better fund services for victims of sex trafficking. This bill strengthens criminal penalties against sex buyers and imposes a penalty structure similar to that for drunken driving.

AB 1791 – Assembly Member Brian Maienschein (CA-77)

This bill increases the penalty if a person was solicited by, or who agreed to engage in or engaged in any act of prostitution with, the person who committed that crime was a minor at the time of the offense.

Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee Supported Legislation (Human Trafficking and Foster Youth related bills)

SB 1023 – Senator Ted Lieu (CA-28)

This bill authorizes the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges, in cooperation with the Department of Social Services and county child welfare agencies, to enter into agreements to provide additional funds for services in support of foster youth.

SB 1085 – Senator Mimi Walters (CA-37)

This bill amends California Penal Code section 1203.065(a) to include human trafficking as an offense for which probation may not be granted.

AB 1806 – Assemblymember Richard Bloom (CA-50)

This bill gives students identified as homeless education-related rights similar to those of their foster youth peers, specifically by:

Notifying homeless liaisons when or homeless youth with special needs are at risk of expulsion. Exempting homeless youth in their last 2 years of high school from district-specific requirements. Clarifying that homeless youth as well as foster youth have the right to receive partial credit for the work they complete in one school when they have to change schools due to mobility

AB 1089 – Assemblymember Ian Calderon (CA-57)

This bill requires that regional centers must be held to a uniform procedure regarding the transfer of cases between regional centers.

Deadlines for Transfer of Physical Case Files: The Regional Center transferring the case will be given 2 days to send the physical file. The recipient regional center shall have 2 days after receipt of the file to accept financial responsibility and notify the family as to the assignment of a case worker.  Deadlines for the Commencement of Services: Allow the regional center a maximum of 5 days from the date the child moves to begin providing services.  Allow foster children free access to medical records and case file materials held by regional centers. 

AB 1878 – Assemblymember Mark Stone (CA-29)

This measure puts into place an array of recommendations that aims to provide the authority and ability to share information and data at critical moments when a child is in foster care in order to improve the outcomes of children in foster care.

AB 1790 – Assemblymember Roger Dickinson (CA-7)

This bill amends the Welfare and Institutions Code § 16125 to specify training and experience necessary for a clinician to be considered adoption/permanency-competent. The bill requires counties, whenever possible to match adoptive and guardianship families with specialty mental health providers who demonstrate adoption/permanency competency, and attempt to assure an adequate number of adoption/permanency competent clinicians to meet the needs of adoptive and guardianship families parenting children from foster care.

AB 1887 – Assemblymember Nora Campos (CA-27)

This bill gives victims of human sex trafficking the ability to clear their criminal record if they were convicted of prostitution.

AB 2035 – Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee Sponsored Legislation

 This legislative year we co-sponsored AB 2035 with CAST-LA  authored by Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro (Arcata). It would have protected both labor and sex trafficked youth including providing training and support for group home administrators. AB 2035 passed both the California State Senate and Assembly with unanimous bipartisan support, but despite an overwhelming grassroots campaign from our 10,000 members and coalition partners - Governor Jerry Brown ultimately vetoed the bill.

Governor Brown issued a statement acknowledging that this year's budget provides funding for minor sex trafficking victims and directed the Department of Social Services (DSS) to convene stakeholders to curb the tragedy of young people forced to work under illegal and unacceptable conditions. Conversions with DSS are already underway and we remain committed to continuing to advocate, educate and work to stop human trafficking.

Virginia Chambers, Co-Chair of the Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee said, "As we move forward, we are encouraged by the Governor's commitment towards serving minor trafficking victims. Our delegation is committed towards coming to a collaborative solution with key stakeholders to protect this vulnerable population. We want to recognize and acknowledge the over 10,000 Junior League members across the state of California that engaged in and are committed to this important cause."