2017 Solutions Summit Conference Materials

In an effort to prepare for Solutions Summit, each attendant is requested to review the required pre-reading materials in advance of the conference. These materials are meant to serve as background information that ensure each attendee comes to the table with working knowledge of the year's selected table topics.

CSEC - Evaluation of Services for Domestic Minor Victims of Human Trafficking

CSEC - Fighting Human Sex Trafficking

CSEC - Youth Involvement in Sex Trade: A National Study

Homelessness - Evaluating a Transitional Living Program for Homeless, Former Foster Care Youth

Homelessness - During the Transition from Foster Care to Adulthood

Homelessness - Sliding into Homelessness_A Student Essay

Wellness Parenting: Pregnancy - Pregnancy Rates Among Juvenile Justice Girls

Wellness Parenting: Pregnancy - Pregnancy Risk of Older Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care

Wellness Parenting: Pregnancy - The Risk of Teenage Pregnancy Among Transitioning Foster Youth