Solutions Summit 2016 Accomplishments

In March 2016, the Junior League of San Diego convened a two-day Summit on some of the most pressing challenges facing our transition age youth (TAY) population. Solutions Summit brought together 52 attendees from over 25 organizations for two days of discussion and active problem-solving surrounding these challenges. The focus of the Summit was to create solution roadmaps that would “Create the Pathway” to success for these foster youth

The identified topics of discussion included ways in which legal services can be more accessible to TAY, how the San Diego community can create work opportunities and training for TAY in the private sector, how can the financial literacy of TAY be improved, how can we improve upon pregnancy prevention programs available to TAY, and ways in which the San Diego community can better support male TAY who struggle with mental health

2016 Final Report    2016 Video

Legal ServicesIdentify the legal resources that are currently available to TAY.  How can legal services be created to be more accessible to TAY? 

Work Experience & EducationIdentify how youth are currently accessing work/trade programs.  Identify how youth are currently accessing education programs.  How can the San Diego community create work opportunities and trainings for TAY in private industry?

Financial LiteracyIdentify any innovative financial literacy programs that are currently established.  How can the financial literacy of San Diego County’s TAY population be improved?  How can web-based technology be utilized to educate TAY on financial literacy?

Pregnancy PreventionIdentify the innovative pregnancy prevention programs. How do we incorporate pregnancy preventions programs within existing San Diego TAY programs and services?  At what age should pregnancy prevention programs begin?  What does the curriculum look like at each age and stage? How comfortable are you, as the provider, to speak to the TAY on sexual health?

Creating Resiliency with Young Men and Mental HealthIdentify the innovative mental health programs that are specific to at-risk male populations. Identify any trauma-informed services available to at-risk male populations?  How can the San Diego community better support male TAY who are struggling with mental health?

A special thank you to Mary Malony, Molly Mesnard, Angela Aceves, Leigh Quijada, Nathan Aish, Rajah Gainey, and Melanie Delgado for participating in the development of the 2016 topics and ensuring we collectively focus our efforts on the most pressing challenges facing our TAY.