President's Message

Alison Bushan

As we enter our 85th year of service, it is a time to celebrate our successes, reflect on our accomplishments, and give thanks to our volunteers for their tireless efforts to improve the community and make the Junior League of San Diego one of the finest organizations in the city.  It is also time to harness this energy and this excitement and channel it into our next endeavors.  We have such a great opportunity to make lasting change in the lives of people in our community as well as in the lives of people across our country. 

The Junior League of San Diego is not only working at bridging the gap for our young adults who are transitioning from the Foster Care System into independent living but we are also vehemently supporting legislation that will help local authorities and the FBI get a handle on Human Trafficking and penalize the people who solicit this crime while, at the same time, provide protection, support, and services to their victims.  At the Association level, we have voted to have a collective voice among the 293 Junior Leagues who are 155,000 members strong.  With this powerful voice we can raise awareness of what we are doing to improve the communities in which we live, advocate on behalf of those who need us, and show our government that the Junior League continues its 112 year legacy to train and promote women to be leaders who make significant and lasting change not only in our local communities but globally.

I am thrilled to take on the role of President and truly believe that the work we do, together, will be transformative in the lives of these young adults transitioning out of Foster Care as well as in the lives of our membership.  By the end of this year, it is my hope that each and every member finds a renewed Passion for Our Mission and the work that we do.

For our newest members:  My goal this year is to help you forge connections with one another and develop a passion for what you are seeking from the League… a passion for improving your community? A passion for developing your own potential and that of your peers? A passion for fundraising? Or perhaps a passion for becoming a better more trained leader than you were before joining us.

For our Leadership: My goal this year is that you learn what it means to be a “Servant Leader” and that you are trained and equipped with everything necessary to support our volunteers and community partners as you develop your ideas to further the work of the League and improve the membership experience. 

For our membership:  It is my goal that the objectives of our strategic plan are met this year by running our organization effectively while maintaining our membership satisfaction, community partnerships, and raising the necessary monies to fund our community and mission based projects.  We are a special and unique organization that truly empowers our volunteers to take on the challenges of working collaboratively, leading committees, creating service projects that improve the lives of people in our community, and developing innovative fundraising techniques.  The Junior League not only gives our volunteers these opportunities, we give them extensive training to do so, through on the job training, mentorship, and attendance at a variety of in-depth conferences across the country led by Community and Global Leaders.

For our Community Partners: We have a long rich history of working together and making miracles happen.  It is my goal to continue to build these relationships and cultivate new ones as we commit ourselves to making lasting and transformational changes in the lives of those leaving the Foster Care System and striving to become successful, independent young adults.

My passion for our League and our Mission runs deep.  I hope you will join me this year in exploring all our League has to offer to spark your passion as well.… A passion for promoting voluntarism.  A passion for developing the potential of women.  A passion for improving our community.  And, a passion for training yourself to become the leader you aspire to be.

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you and I thank you for your commitment and passion to the Junior League of San Diego.

In community spirit,

Alison Bushan
President 2013-2014